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174 Kantharyar Center – Combination of Official, Commercial & Leisure Opportunities
If you are searching for office space that contains top-of-the-line amenities, conference rooms, high-end finish outs and more, then Kantharyar Center is the right place for you.
Posted on Mar-12-2020

147 How Knowing the Value of a Property helps Make Informed Real Estate Decisions
Estimating and know the real value of any real estate property is equally important for anyone involved in the business such as buyers, sellers, mortgage lenders, investors, and others.
Posted on Oct-04-2019

118 What is a Chartered Surveyor and Why You Should Hire One?
If you need your property to be surveyed by a professional or you require an independent assessment, a chartered surveyor could help.
Posted on Sep-11-2019

348 Why Is Kantharyar Centre The Right Property In Yangon For Office Space?
Buying a property in Yangon requires a lot of research and understanding, especially when you are looking for the office space. Before you finalize, it is essential to check the property's facilities standard, location and several other aspects, to meet your needs.
Posted on Oct-03-2018

282 Kantharyar International 5A Commercial & Business Office spaces
As a commercial capital, most of the developments of Yangon occurred during its time as a British Colony from the 19th century to Myanmar’s independence in 1948. The development of real estate in Yangon accelerated following civilian rule in 2011 and the lifting of international sanctions.
Posted on Mar-08-2018

488 Important Facts about Real Estate in Yangon
Yangon was formerly the capital of Myanmar before it was moved to Naypyidaw in 2006 by the military government. However, it remains the biggest city and significantly crucial commercial hub in the country.
Posted on Oct-25-2017