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463 What You Need to Know about Myanmar Real Estate
Myanmar has gone through years of transformation. From being a country synonymous with war, corruption, and poverty.
Posted on Jun-13-2019

439 4 Ways Commercial Property Valuation is Beneficial
When you are buying or selling a property, valuation is an imperative part of the transaction process.
Posted on Jun-11-2019

430 Get a New Office Space at Kantharyar Centre and Take your Business growth To the Next Level
Kantharyar Centre is the first international 5A class office property in Yangon, which consists of four towers, office, retail, residential and serviced apartments.
Posted on Feb-04-2019

756 How Is Kantharyar Center Riding the Crest of Serviced Apartment Boom in Yangon?
Yangon is witnessing a surge in demands for properties following Myanmar’s proactive participation in the global economy.
Posted on Jun-13-2018

536 Qualities of a Real Estate Investment
If you want to make a formidable profit in real estate at Yangon, it is important to do thorough research and be aware of the current trends in the market. This is because real estate is very different from any other kind of investments.
Posted on Mar-23-2018

688 Various Types of Real Estate and Its Benefits
Real estate is one of the best options for investment and they include activities ranging from the renovation of buildings to sales or purchase of an existing building or land.
Posted on Oct-16-2017

784 Your Real Estate Manager In Yangon
Real Estate of any country is the first sign if its development. Whether it is about living in a house or working in an office. Relaxing in a hotel or shopping in a mall. Hospitals or hospitality centres.
Posted on May-29-2017

1009 5 Reasons why you should Lease your Office Space
Several business owners are often confused between buying and leasing a commercial office space. When it comes to small businesses or start-up companies, leasing makes sense, given the fact that they do not have sufficient capital at the time of commencement.
Posted on May-29-2017

671 How to Find the Right Commercial Real Estate Property in Yangon
The Real estate market in Yangon is undergoing a drastic change with many investors and business owners looking at Yangon to establish business.
Posted on Dec-26-2016