Jim Strange's Article in Home Improvement

321 Dry Rot Symptoms and Treatment
Dry Rot Fungus is a major building decay fungus and can be one of the most insidious and destructive problems your property will ever have
Posted on Apr-12-2011

352 Redoing your basement
There are certain factors that you must bear in mind before you take on a project for your basement’s conversion.
Posted on Oct-13-2010

383 Damp and its effects
The effects of damp also make the property cold and unappealing. Damp can also prove a breeding ground for mites and mould aggravating respiratory problems such as asthma.
Posted on Oct-13-2010

375 Hot Tubs for Fun and Good Health
The health advantages of hot tubs have been well renowned in latest years as a way of resting the mind and body together. When you return home a dip in your hot tub is enough to take away all the day’s stresses.
Posted on Jun-02-2010

209 How to Choose an Air Conditioning Company
Choosing the right air conditioning company can be a difficult task when there are so many to choose from but researching air conditioning businesses can help you filter through the companies that will help you in the best way possible.
Posted on May-20-2010

442 How Hot Tub Spa helps relieve Pain, Stress and Tension
Hot Tub Spa, with its sophisticated reverse moulding technique, can deliver the healing flow of water from the jets to specific spots on the body. These spots, known as pressure points, can lessen or eliminate pain if triggered properly.
Posted on Nov-25-2009