Jim Strange's Article in Management

415 How you can increase your pofits With Haulage Exchange
Never let your fleet vehicles return empty again, find out where you can pick up return loads from around the uk.
Posted on Jul-08-2011

1011 Effective Stakeholder Management
Managing stakeholders effectively is not just about forward momentum, it is also about scale; helping to push and promote change in every corner of the organisation.
Posted on Apr-18-2011

536 Understanding the standard approach and models in Solvency II
Solvency II aims at establishing a new regulatory framework for the insurance industry, just as Basel II does for the banks.
Posted on Mar-04-2011

282 FRSGlobal announces regulatory reporting application for foreign banks in Japan
FRSGlobal’s solution automates report compilation, saving firms valuable time and resource; facilitates dual language for both Japanese and non-Japanese readers; and, by harnessing FRSGlobal’s fully defined, standardised data model Data Foundation, is fully extendable to other reports in Japan or to other countries.
Posted on Jan-25-2011

349 Virgin Money selects FRSGlobal for Enterprise-wide Financial Risk Management and Regulatory Reporti
Banking arm of the Virgin Group choose FRSGlobal’s unified risk and regulatory reporting solution for UK retail banking operations
Posted on Nov-23-2010

456 Three Standard Certifications for successful business
Achieving ISO compliance and certification can take significant amounts of time but should prove valuable for companies interested in successful global networking and high levels of customer satisfaction.
Posted on Jun-04-2010

557 Non Executive Director for your company
Non Executive Directors are usually involved in planning and policy making, and is sometimes included to lend prestige to the firm due to his or her standing in the community.
Posted on Nov-25-2009

568 Key to Successful Change - Resolve conflict.
Unfortunately, change, however insignificant, is usually resisted because people are fearful of its consequences. Even if the results are not job-threatening, there is always the suspicion that change, particularly when aimed at reducing costs, “…will somehow end up affecting my pay and benefits”.
Posted on Oct-26-2009

506 Key to Successful Change -Identifying the Core Problem
The core problem is the single underlying cause of the majority (about 70% or more) of the undesirable effects that prompt us to think about change in the first place. Identifying the problem is the challenging part.
Posted on Oct-26-2009

662 Key to Successful Change - Don’t Attack the Symptom, Cure the Cause!
Too often, management sees these characteristics of underperforming companies as their main problem areas, rather than just symptoms. So they embark on a change programme, pouring in funds and diverting resources to pursue phantom problems. In these circumstances, it’s not surprising that so many change programmes fail to deliver the expected improvements and may, in severe circumstances, have exactly the opposite effect to that intended!
Posted on Oct-26-2009

520 Commercial Due-Diligence – It Reveals a Great Deal
Due diligence should be forward-looking, putting the broader strategic and commercial logic under the microscope, assessing operations objectively, without bias or overconfidence, gauging risk, testing assumptions and questioning beliefs.
Posted on Nov-25-2009