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178 When Does Your Home Need Electrical Rewiring?
Do you know Fire and Rescue NSW responds to about 4500 residential fires each year?
Posted on Oct-11-2019

219 Tips for Maintaining the Electrical System at Your Home
Do you know - about 40% of residential fires in Australia are caused by electrical faults? Yes, the majority of the electrical fires are caused due to malfunctioning electrical equipment or faulty wiring. Therefore, complete protection is essential. With certain prevention methods and simple maintenance, you can ensure the safety and efficiency of your home’s electrical system.
Posted on Aug-07-2019

298 What Causes Circuit Breaker to Trip Often?
Circuit breakers that trip frequently may be annoying, but it actually trips to protect the circuit from overheating due to excessive power.
Posted on May-16-2019

49 How to Cut Your Electric Power Bill By 80%?
In today’s world, for many homeowners, the monthly utility bill is the first largest expense. Reducing the usage of energy not only keeps your budget in check, but also its one of the great ways for good investment to save environment.
Posted on Feb-20-2019

274 Warning Signs that Signals Your House Needs Rewiring
You’ve given enough thoughts to your home’s interior decoration and curb appeal to make them look more beautiful. But, have you ever thought of your home’s wiring? Is it in a good shape?
Posted on Jan-03-2019