Nadine Stowne's Article in Management

536 Stop Losing Money on Project Management
Does your present project management group get each and every project done on time? If your project management team isn't up to par, a great deal of money and time can be lost. This may not be great for a struggling organization in the present economy. It happens all the time - too many projects producing efficiency issues and costing an organization millions.
Posted on Jul-23-2010

433 Hiring a Project Management Consultant Instead of the Project Manager Will Benefit Any Company's
The work of the project management consultant would be to take a look at your company's projects and assist in getting them in order. A large number of firms nowadays are leaning in the direction of employing project management consultants instead of utilizing project managers. This can save companies substantial amounts of cash as they don't need to hire additional staff.
Posted on Mar-08-2010

1065 How Companies can find Good Project Managers
Your business can be made or broken by good project managers. Meeting deadlines, being cost effective and being run smoothly are the requirements of a project.
Posted on Jul-29-2009

1441 How Companies can Operate More Efficiently with Effective Project Management
It is more important today than ever before for companies to operate efficiently. So when new projects are initiated, time and money cannot be wasted. Most companies are interested in finding ways to utilize technology to boost productivity and save their business money.
Posted on Jul-02-2009

1500 Hiring a Project Manager when Projects Spin Out of Control
A skilled project manager can help you get your projects organized, in control, on schedule, and back within budget constraints. Getting a project manager that is well organized and experienced in your field is a good idea.
Posted on May-30-2009