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94 Wisdom Teeth Removal – Do’s And Don’ts after the Surgery
Wisdom teeth are the last set of molar that grows between the ages of 17 and 21.
Posted on Mar-17-2021

94 Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Really Warranted?
They're called "wisdom teeth," but how wise are you to the problems they can pose to your overall oral health?
Posted on Feb-19-2021

98 These Are the Issues You Can Avoid By Having Wisdom Teeth Removal in Time
The tooth that partially covered by the bone, or gums are called impact tooth, and especially, this mostly occurs to the wisdom teeth.
Posted on Feb-09-2021

158 Wisdom Teeth Removal - Aftercare Procedure
Wisdom teeth in Sydney are the third molar teeth which are present at the end of each of quadrant of the dentition. It is usually the last teeth to erupt in the mouth of an individual.
Posted on Dec-11-2020

169 Pre- and Post-Fact Information for Prepping Yourself for Wisdom Teeth Removal
You know you need to get your wisdom teeth removal in Sydney, and you're nervous. If your dentist recommends wisdom teeth removal for you, there is no need to get worried.
Posted on Dec-01-2020

125 Your Wisdom Teeth is coming in - Signs and Symptoms
Wisdom teeth are the last adult teeth to come out in your mouth? These can start to erupt anytime, roughly around the age of 18. Sometimes they also remain dormant and never erupt. Yes, lucky ones don’t get them at all! Conversely, for some people, these teeth can grow in just fine, adding four molars to complete their 32 teeth.
Posted on Nov-04-2020

172 Should I have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?
Your dentist said you should have your third molars taken out. However, they don’t harm, so you have a question, ‘why remove them?’ You are not alone; keep reading to know more about these teeth.
Posted on Jul-30-2020

161 What’s the perfect time to get Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney?
Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars that generally develop in individuals after the age of 12. They exist due to evolution. Most of the individuals get four of these teeth, while some get not all or not at all. Our ancestors had larger mouths compared to us.
Posted on Jul-24-2020

205 Is It Necessary to Remove a Wisdom Tooth?
So your dentist suggests wisdom teeth removal, and you are sceptical to go for it. Well, you are not alone. Many Aussies have extracted their wisdom teeth for various reasons.
Posted on Jun-03-2020

318 Wisdom Teeth Removal - What should you know about it
Wisdom teeth extraction is common, and many people around the world undergo the procedure at least one in their lifetime.
Posted on Apr-26-2020

194 Everything you should know about Wisdom Teeth removal cost!
Wisdom teeth are nothing but the third molars that erupt during the late teens or early adulthood. Wisdom teeth extraction is a common procedure as a good number of patients undergo this procedure. This is because most of us don't have sufficient space to accommodate these molars as they erupt after all other teeth.
Posted on Mar-13-2020

168 Everything You Need To Know About Wisdom Teeth Removal
Although wisdom teeth removal in Sydney is a common procedure, no one looks forward to experience it.
Posted on Feb-21-2020

196 Know your Wisdom Teeth!
Many adults have around 32 teeth in their mouth. Then there is one kind of teeth that seems to get a great deal of attention. The third molars, also known as wisdom teeth, are the last set of teeth to come in during adulthood.
Posted on Dec-04-2019

181 Facts about wisdom teeth
Wisdom teeth removal is a standard dental procedure however, no one looks forward to getting one. Like your first heartbreak, wisdom teeth removal is one of the awkward situations most people are forced to endure.
Posted on Dec-02-2019

151 Here's what you should know about Wisdom Teeth
Wisdom teeth or the third set of molars are the last teeth human beings get in their lifetime. These teeth usually develop around the ages of 17 and 25
Posted on Nov-21-2019

216 Precautions and Care Needed after Wisdom Teeth Removal!
Getting wisdom teeth removal Sydney is not the end of the chapter.
Posted on Oct-31-2019

251 Wisdom Teeth – Reasons to Remove Them!
Wisdom teeth also known as third molar erupt in adult dentition that usually between the ages of 17 and 22.
Posted on Oct-18-2019

167 Types of Wisdom Teeth Removal and Its Cost
Wisdom teeth removal is a kind of surgery that demands higher price than regular tooth extraction procedure.
Posted on Oct-14-2019

186 How to Treat Swollen Gums near Wisdom Teeth?
It is possible that the swelling around your wisdom teeth may due to infection caused by the impacted wisdom teeth.
Posted on Sep-17-2019

164 What Type of Sedation is used for Wisdom Teeth Removal?
The type of sedation used for extracting a wisdom tooth depends on the anxiety level of a patient.
Posted on Sep-14-2019

161 Wisdom Teeth Removal 101
Wisdom teeth removal is one of the simple and common procedures in modern dentistry. There are various factors that determine whether you might need your wisdom teeth removed.
Posted on Sep-06-2019

166 Important Facts You Should Know About Wisdom Teeth Removal
Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars occurs in one’s life. They are the most frequently removed teeth. Some of the common issues with wisdom teeth include inflammation of the dental pulp, pericoronitis, and caries. Often about 95% of pericoronitis cases occur in lower wisdom teeth. As wisdom teeth are not important for maintaining a correct occlusion, or bite, they are often extracted. Here are a few facts about wisdom teeth removal that may not be familiar to most people.
Posted on Aug-20-2019

262 6 Tips for a Quick Recovery after Wisdom Teeth Removal
Impacted wisdom teeth lead to pain, discomfort, and other problems. A qualified dentist will be able to analyse the situation and see what they could do to resolve the same. Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure performed by dentists worldwide.
Posted on Jul-31-2019

345 Uncovering 4 Myths and Facts About Wisdom Teeth Removal
Every person is born with two sets of molars, which grows at the back of the mouth to help with chewing of food. A large number of people also have a third set of molars that usually erupts between 17 and 25 years of age. These third molars are known as wisdom teeth. There are several myths about wisdom teeth removal in Sydney making rounds everywhere, hence to get a clear idea about the same...
Posted on Jul-31-2019

305 Wisdom Teeth Removal – A Guide on What You Need to Know
For those experiencing pain and discomfort due to impacted wisdom teeth, the dentist might recommend removing them.
Posted on Jun-14-2019