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63 Do I Need A Root Canal? Signs You Need To Watch Out For
In most cases, tooth decay can be prevented if caught and treated early. But, many tend to avoid or overlook the symptoms of decaying teeth for various reasons, including lack of information and dental fear.
Posted on Sep-21-2021

45 Benefits of Good Oral Hygiene
Good oral health is the key to maintaining overall health. The goal of proper oral health is to prevent dental problems.
Posted on Sep-21-2021

86 What Causes Bad Breath?
Bacteria is the primary cause of bad breath. However, bad breath can be a major problem when you are about to snuggle with your partner or whisper something to your friend.
Posted on Aug-18-2021

57 Tooth Decay – What Are the Signs and Symptoms
Dental decay is one of the most common dental problems that affect millions of Australians. However, dental decay is a preventable dental disease.
Posted on Aug-18-2021

88 Who Can Benefit From Dental Sedation?
Both the patients and dentists can benefit from sedation dentistry. In fact, dental sedation is a boon for patients. Along with heights and speaking in public, visiting the dentist is one of the most common fears among Australians.
Posted on Aug-05-2021

142 Warning Signs Of Dental Problems and What Should You Do
Poor oral health can lead to a range of dental problems.
Posted on Jul-24-2021

106 White Spots on Teeth - Causes and Treatment
White spots on teeth usually indicate an underlying dental problem that needs immediate attention.
Posted on Jun-20-2021

89 How to Prevent Plaque Build-Up?
Have you ever taught what plaque can do to your teeth? Plaque is the major cause of gum disease.
Posted on Jun-20-2021

103 The Best Practices for Maintaining Gums and Teeth
When was the last time you had your dental check-up? Probably you don’t remember at all, or it was a long time ago.
Posted on Jun-20-2021

118 Should I have my Wisdom teeth removed?
These molars erupting during the teens can contribute to sinus problems, cavities, and cysts. Some lucky people don't experience the symptoms and discomfort of wisdom teeth.
Posted on May-31-2021

136 Signs That Indicate You Need Dental Care
Dental disorders can turn into a serious problem where you would lose your permanent teeth.
Posted on May-03-2021

176 What are the possible causes of Toothache?
Toothache is caused when the nerves in the tooth root are affected. Tooth injuries, infections, or loss are some of the most common causes of dental pain.
Posted on Apr-02-2021

171 When should you rush to the Emergency Dentist?
Suppose your tooth is aching, and the pain seems to exaggerate, affecting your routine. You experience dental trauma as a result of an accident.
Posted on Mar-28-2021

163 The importance of routine Dental checkups for Kids
Whether your child still has his baby teeth or is growing his permanents, nurturing their teeth from the early stage of development is one of the most critical factors for their overall health.
Posted on Feb-25-2021

169 The medical benefits of straight teeth!
Everyone loves a naturally aligned and beautiful smile. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with straight teeth, and it is no secret that braces can deliver one.
Posted on Jan-28-2021

170 Is better to save your tooth or pull it out?
If you have a damaged or an infected tooth, it is normal to think that the easiest option is simply pulling it out and turning to dental restorations. Wait! Having the tooth pulled out is not always the best choice.
Posted on Jan-28-2021

201 How Do You Know If Something Is Wrong With Your Dental Health?
Dental health plays a significant role in your overall health and well-being. Poor oral health can lead to several dental problems, including cavities and gum disease, which are linked to heart disease, diabetes, and some form of cancers.
Posted on Jan-10-2021

186 Why Are Regular Dental Check-Ups Important?
When it comes to dental health, many of us tend to ignore. Aren’t we? In fact, we don’t care about our dental health until a dental emergency arise and end up visiting the emergency dentist Epping.
Posted on Jan-10-2021

315 Root Canal Treatment – When It Is Necessary
Cavities can wreak havoc on your teeth and gums. Yes, it can seep through the teeth' innermost parts, including the pulp, root, and tiny passageways called root canal that connects the tooth with the bone.
Posted on Dec-12-2020

244 What Is The Most Common Dental Emergency?
You might be someone who brushes your teeth at least twice a day, regularly floss and even gargle with a mouth wash, thinking that it will save you from countless dental problems.
Posted on Nov-18-2020