Sanjay Joshi's Article in Networking

966 Importance of Information Security
Even if a likeminded individual cares to go by the literal meaning of safety as well as security he or she can well treasure it for endless time slots in order to keep the demand of such a concept alive through the lifetime. This is because; without the existence as well the presence of this facet that counts the most under the shades of information security the entire facet of data transmission can appear as volatile and authentically invalid.
Posted on Dec-28-2010

903 Fiber Optics Internet Is Emerging As the Most Resourceful Technological Advancement
In these avant-garde epochs of advanced technologies, populaces from all over the globe are vying for dedicated internet service wherein they can tune in to the World Wide Web any time, any where and can do whatever they wish. Service providers were providing Broadband internet services to their users until wireless Internet a.k.a Fiber Optics Internet came along.
Posted on Oct-18-2010