Tom Whitney's Article in Small Business

650 Short-Term Selling could be Short-Sighted
New research reveals that small businesses are focusing on immediate sales above all other areas of running their business.
Posted on Jun-10-2009

775 Smart Businesses Take Advantage as Competitors Struggle
Small firms are becoming leaner and meaner, research has found, and that means taking advantage when competitors are struggling.
Posted on May-19-2009

789 Pay Per Click Advertising offers Real Advantages to Small Firms
Pay per click advertising offers small businesses the chance to make their tight marketing budgets go a lot further according to Marketing Donut, the essential website for small firms.
Posted on May-19-2009

757 Small Firms Must Research to Understand Recession Needs
Small firms need to conduct market research if they are to keep up with customers’ changing attitudes and survive the recession, say marketing experts.
Posted on Apr-21-2009

741 Small Firms Must Exploit Gaps in the Market
In a recession, the temptation is to sit tight, keep costs down and focus on your core market, but small firms should not be deterred from exploiting potential gaps in their sector, according to marketing experts.
Posted on Apr-21-2009

641 Small Businesses Urged Not to Put All their Eggs in One Basket
Small firms that rely on one or two big clients for the bulk of their revenue are placing themselves at risk by putting all their eggs in one basket, say business experts.
Posted on Apr-08-2009