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416 Real Claims - PPI Reclaim Specialists
PPI (payment protection insurance) was implemented initially in order to help consumers by protecting them should they fall ill, or be made redundant and struggle to repay their premiums.
Posted on Jun-16-2011

520 What is payment protection insurance (PPI)?
Some of the most common questions in respect of PPI (payment protection insurance) are as follows: What is PPI? How do you know whether it was a mis-sold policy, and what constitutes it?
Posted on Jun-01-2011

461 The Miss-selling Claims on the PPI
Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) are one of those evasively sold policies in the past few years for all those customers of loan in the form of credit cards, store cards or debt products like car finance.
Posted on Jun-29-2010

467 Reclaiming your PPI
If you have got loan, credit card or store card issued in the past six years you are eligible to reclaim £1000 from these companies. They have been miss-selling rather expensive insurance plans called the Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) policy that is sold alongside these various loans.
Posted on Jun-28-2010

363 Protect Yourselves from Payment Protection Insurance Plan
In the name of selling something beneficial to the consumers, the loan lending companies in UK have been into selling excessively priced Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) policies to the their loan or credit card customer.
Posted on Jun-28-2010

256 PPI policies are better when bought as a stand-alone policy
Remember the last time you were sold something by a customer care representative of your credit card over the phone? The answer is probably a no. This is because most of us are too busy or occupied to even notice that we are being charged for something that may not be needed after all.
Posted on Jun-28-2010

409 PPI banned, PPI reclaims to be done
The Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) plans have been a controversial topic for some time now. The PPI has been effective in various forms on various loans, credit cards and store cards and so on for about 15 years now.
Posted on Jun-27-2010

350 PPI: Was this the right choice for you?
You get people selling a lot of things over the phone, on the television or at your doorstep. It is very unlikely that you entertain these people and buy those things that are being sold or promoted.
Posted on Jun-26-2010

335 PPI: A Scam or A Reality?
When is the last time you remember being sold insurance policies along with loans or credit cards? Most of them might have a vague idea and some may not even be aware.
Posted on Jun-26-2010

406 Disadvantages of the PPI
‘INSURANCE’ is a broad term that signifies protection in times of financial emergencies. It is a term on which many lives around the world are dependent these days. So it is obvious that when you are being offered protection you would not deny it.
Posted on Jun-25-2010

492 Been a Victim of PPI? Reclaim All Your Premiums Now
Have a credit card or a house or a car loan? Are you sure you are not paying for something more than the loan costs? Maybe you are maybe you aren’t.
Posted on Jun-25-2010

526 Useful Information about Mortgages
Typically, mortgages refer to the loans and liens on property or house. The loan has to be cleared within a specific period of time. However, there are different types of mortgages available in the market. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Posted on Feb-26-2010

522 Know Fundamentals about Debt
Debt is one of the most worrisome words that ever occur in the history of humankind. However, as a term, debt suggests the amount that a person owes to a person or organization for funds that is borrowed. There are several ways in which the debt can be represented.
Posted on Feb-26-2010

528 Claim back credit card: Basic Facts About It
Credit cards often pose serious threats especially, when it comes to the paying off the balance. To make the situation even worse, the companies often take extra charge on the credit card due to late payment, returned payment and many other causes. Well, this charge adds up with time and soon becomes a huge amount.
Posted on Feb-24-2010

455 Facts About Miss Sold PPI
If you are wondering whether you were miss sold PPI, there are certain things that you need to consider. Ideally, the person who has sold you the policy should have followed the basic rules. For example, you should not have been self employed, unemployed or suffering from any pre existing medical conditions that will exclude you from making the claim. Also, you should not be pressured to take out the PPI.
Posted on Feb-23-2010

695 Mis sold
If you were mis sold, you may well avail a huge compensation. However, there is a deadline within which you are to submit complains and it is quick. So, you need to know whether you deserve any compensation and if yes; how to get it without paying anything to anyone else. For that, however, you need to have an idea about the nitty gritty about the mortgages. So, if you are not quite well versed, you should check out the following lines.
Posted on Feb-22-2010

395 PPI: Basic Facts about It
PPI or the Payment Protection Insurance is a type of insurance that covers the outstanding debts. Generally, this insurance is taken out when you secure an overdraft or loan such as the credit card, mortgage or car loan. However, if a person fails to pay the loan because of sickness, accident or death, he or she can opt for the Payment Protection Insurance claim.
Posted on Feb-21-2010

350 Unenforceable Loans: How to Make the Best Use?
Some confusion regarding the Consumer Credit Act 1974 have made many of the agreements on loans before April 2007 unenforceable. What that actually means is that you may not have to pay back your loan as well. In fact, the agreements can contain certain errors that may well give this privilege to the borrowers and the type of loan can vary from personal loans, credit cards, car loan, overdraft and other forms as well.
Posted on Feb-19-2010

405 Wipe your Debt: Get Tips from Experts
Debt is often a matter of concern especially for those who have taken it. However, there is one way to wipe your debt out without much headache. Unfortunately though, most of the people are not quite aware of it. The process is fast and what’s more, no matter what your financial condition or the nature of the debt is, you can get rid of them very soon through this process.
Posted on Feb-19-2010

328 Consumer Credit Act Claim Solicitors: Know Tips From Experts
The Consumer Credit Act came into force in 1974 and made it compulsory for most company to be licensed before offering services and goods to the consumers. Without the license by OFT, trading will be deemed as criminal offence and is subject to fine or/and imprisonment.
Posted on Feb-18-2010

519 Saving Isn’t Rocket Science
We all know that there’s a recession and we all know that that ultimately means less spending money. The employment situation is getting only slightly better so saying that you’re going to get a better and higher paying job may be a far-off possibility. Furthermore, this improvement is reported to be only for part-time and casual jobs.
Posted on Dec-23-2009

568 Managing Your Finances and All that it Takes
It’s never too early to learn how to manage your own finances. In fact, this is a skill that even the youngest student should learn out of his or her own meagre allowance. The reason why you should learn financial management is because if you don’t learn how to manage your finances early in life, you may have a difficult time disciplining yourself later on when you’re already handling your first salary.
Posted on Dec-23-2009

431 Deal with Your Financial Problems through Debt Consolidation
Do you find yourself having more debts than you can handle? If you have too many outstanding debts, you’re probably finding it very, very difficult to pay all your bills. Whenever this happens, the instinct is usually to get a new loan in order to pay for old loans.
Posted on Dec-22-2009

764 Dubai: A Field Study in Insolvency
We, the world are so dependant on computers that the possibility of a world without it today is almost next to non-existent. The utility of computers in each and every sector or industry from educating kids to NASA launching space missions – everything is covered by computers.
Posted on Dec-16-2009

688 Insolvency mitigation and restructuring through legislation
We, the world are so dependant on computers that the possibility of a world without it today is almost next to non-existent. The utility of computers in each and every sector or industry from educating kids to NASA launching space missions – everything is covered by computers.
Posted on Dec-16-2009