Emman_airness's Article in Beauty

518 Do I have the need for hand cream?
Nowadays, people are starting to be more conscious in not only taking care of their health but also with their appearance.
Posted on Jan-06-2012

324 Taking Precautions When Combing Your Hair
Hair combing is a routine activity for mostly all people. Some people keep a particular hair style throughout their life and some people from younger generations adopt new styles according to new trends and fashion.
Posted on Aug-06-2011

460 Different Health Benefits of Botox Treatment
Botox is one of the most important findings in the world of medicine and most especially in the cosmetology industry.
Posted on Apr-07-2011

581 The Ohios Romantic Couple Massage
Touch Dynamics Massage and Body And Beyond Day Spa have combined to become a peaceful, intimate, and personalized environment for your next memorable and enjoyable spa experience. Touch Dynamics offers the massage therapies, hot rock,couples massage and aromatherapy. While Body and Beyond offers body treatments including facials, non-surgical facelifts, microdermabrasion , bodywraps, waxing, foot detoxes, oxygen, infrared sauna sessions and more!
Posted on Oct-01-2010