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400 Sms Marketing With Text Messaging
Why start with Text Messaging? Here are three good reasons cost-effectiveness, biggest Audience and it will "launch" the other ones.
Posted on Jan-02-2012

455 11 Powerful Text Message Marketing Platforms
Smartphones, and what I call my "dumb" phone, are an underused method for communicating with customers. Text messaging is like soccer: bigger everywhere in the world, but the USA.
Posted on Dec-29-2011

359 Campaign Strategy With Text Message Marketing
How campaigns can reach supporters through one of the fastest growing forms of communication.
Posted on Dec-27-2011

256 SMS Marketing for Bands and Entertainers
If you're a member of a band, a comedian, a wannabe actor, or any other type of entertainer, you will be pleased to know about the new SMS marketing for bands and entertainers.
Posted on Dec-01-2011

306 TXTImpact Releases SMS Marketing for Advertisers
The SMS Marketing text messaging service for advertisers provides marketers with a fantastic way to keep in close contact with their customers via print ads, TV, radio, and more
Posted on Nov-23-2011

461 Events that bring Brands and Bands together
Broccoli Events deliver live brand experiences, bringing brands and bands together for mutual promotional benefits. Broccoli Events is all about putting together unique live entertainment and brand experiences, specializing in showcases, festivals, launch parties, wrap parties, corporate entertainment, private parties and beyond.
Posted on Sep-23-2010