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278 How to Deal With Neighborhood Complains About a Rave
A "rave" or "rave party" is an all-night dance event with live and recorded electronic dance music. Popular since the 1960s, a rave has come to be associated with drug use, particularly ecstasy. Today, those who attend raves often opt to remain sober, enjoy the music and dance the night away. However a rave can be noisy. Take steps before the gathering to ward off complaints.
Posted on Dec-03-2011

322 cigarette box can be the ideal gift
A small, personalized cigarette box can be the ideal gift for almost any occasion.
Posted on Nov-30-2011

200 What Are the Benefits of Medical Tourism?
The idea of traveling abroad to receive medical treatment may seem radical to many people. However, medical tourism, or traveling to another destination specifically to receive medical treatment, is not a new idea. Throughout history and even today, medical tourism has a number of advantages for patients.
Posted on Nov-17-2011

191 Natural Herbs to Smoke in Place of Tobacco
Consider squashing that tobacco habit through the use of alternative smoking herbs.
Posted on Nov-16-2011

175 How to Choose a Venue for a Rave
Location is key, and that applies wholeheartedly to any rave venue you may choose. With the right venue, your rave should go off without a hitch.
Posted on Nov-11-2011

171 How to Choose Drinks for a Rave
Wherever there is a rave, there is usually a glow stick. Because most raves happen in dark spaces, glow sticks and other forms of lighting effects can enhance the atmosphere of the party.
Posted on Nov-10-2011

209 Musique Techno DJMusic Dance Hous
Raves are all-night dance parties featuring techno music and glow sticks or laser lights.Raves are large dance parties that usually feature electronic music.
Posted on Nov-09-2011

195 How to Produce a Rave
Raves are big, but so are the rewards.Raves take place all over the world, bringing together people from all walks of life for a night (or several) of dancing to high-energy music.
Posted on Nov-09-2011