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314 How to Make a Picture Rave Cuff
Picture rave cuffs are also called kandi cuffs. They are given out at raves as a token of friendship by kandi kids, who are frequenters of the rave scene. Picture rave cuffs are made with bright-colored pony beads. They consist of multiple strings of different-colored beads that are woven together in basic peyote flat stitch to create a picture. The pictures made with the beads can be anything from whimsical food to cartoon characters.
Posted on Dec-06-2011

285 How to Make Your Own Rave Outfit
Get bright and funky to prepare for your rave party. Raves are a popular party style where loud, heavy-thumping dance music is played intermixed with light shows and colorfully dressed folks dancing. Dressing for a rave is easy and requires some bold and bright colors and a little resourcefulness. If you are attending a rave dance party, learn how to easily put together an outfit that will help you stand out as you shake it on the dance floor.
Posted on Dec-06-2011

281 How to Make Your Own Rave Music
Rave music, or electronic dance music, has been around since the days of disco in the late 1970s. From the back rooms of Chicago grew what is considered the first rave type music: house. Next on the list is an array of techno birthed out of the Motor City: Detroit. Across the pond, Europe was forming a movement of its own with electronic music artists such as Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and Thomas Dolby.
Posted on Dec-06-2011