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Converg Media,
804 N Meadowbrook Dr., Suite 134,
United States of America, KS, Olathe,
66062, 913-871-0453
Converg Media LLC (est. 2006) is a successful result of a Venture Capitalist and Internet Incubator who is also based in the Kansas City area. Converg is the digital public relations side of NetraCorp and utilizes the vast amount of resources at it’s disposal to help clients succeed in their objectives. Converg Media was founded with the vision of producing innovative and affordable Digital PR solutions enabling companies to excel and thrive through practical and profitable steps. To realize this vision, we are developing evolutionary building blocks – starting with affordable distribution of information and creating relevant citations for our clients. To retain and build the team necessary for these developments, Converg is fostering a corporate culture that attracts and retains creative, practical, and energetic employees who are driven to “make client success happen”.
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