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Post Oak Avenue,
United States of America, Texas, Copperas Cove,
I'm a Christian Minister with over twenty years of experience. I work by day and preach by night. However, I ask no salary nor will I charge anyone anything that the Gospel may reach all freely. Jesus told His disciples to preach His Gospel freely to all the world. The Apostles gave us the salvation formula in the book of Acts. Those who hear and believe the message are to repent of their sins, being baptized into His Name. Only those who will endure unto the end will be saved. No person is able to work themselves into salvation, nor must a person speak in unknown tongues to be saved. Easy believism also is a falsehood and a lie. We all must apply the whole word of God to be saved. The tribulation is just around the corner, even as all the signs of it (read Ezekiel 38-39, Matthew 24, Mark 13 and the book of Revelations) are all here. The truth will set a person free from sin and Satan, giving spiritual fruits which include peace, love and joy everlasting.

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